Thursday, September 15, 2016

New from The Rational Right: CAR RANTS: Calling Pauline Hanson “racist” is #NotAnArgument

Yesterday Pauline Hanson made her maiden speech in the newly formed Australian Senate. Within minutes, the Greens Party senators stormed out in a cuckish, unintelligent protest.

Unlike the pouty, virtue-signalling Watermelon Party (Greens on the outside, Red on the inside), Pauline Hanson believes in democracy, and she stands in the senate speaking uncomfortable, politically incorrect truths that are recognised AT LEAST by the citizens who elected her.

When a party walks out (en mass) on a speech in some form of lame protest, all they do is demonstrate the wilfulness of their ignorance.

James Fox Higgins explores some of the content of Hanson’s speech, and makes a case for why the Greens’ protest was the least effective approach they could have taken for their own cause.

Watch Pauline Hanson’s full speech here:

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