Friday, September 9, 2016

New from The Rational Right: CAR RANTS: Saint Harambe – Patron of the Self-Loathing Human

The social justice battle for Harambe, the previously unknown Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, goes on. And on and on…

Around the globe, thousands of keyboard warriors have banded to together to petition, hashtag, and virtue signal about the cruel injustice that faced this beast when he shot to protect the life of a young child who climbed into his enclosure.

Some think the child should have been left to die.

Some think the mother should be punished.

Others think the Zoo should be closed down.

Some are question the very validity of animal captivity in the first place.

Meanwhile, Harambe has become a figure of parody for the SJW mindset, as well as a patron for environmentalists and vegans.

James Fox Higgins unpacks the philosophical problems that Harambe represents, and tries to share his views on the value of human life relative to animal, as well as the toxicity of environmentalism as an absolute ideology.

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