Sunday, September 11, 2016

New from The Rational Right: CAR RANTS: 9/11 – The Only Truth That Matters

15 years ago today the heart of western civilisation was attacked by Islamic extremism in an event that rocked the world, and changed the zeitgeist of planet Earth irrevocably.

While the debate still rages about whether or not it was an inside job, or whether the attack was some kind of justified retaliation after the violent interventionism of America in the Middle East, there is one fundamental cause that people tend not to discuss on this day:
Irrational Faith.

Faith in God. Faith in Allah. Faith in America. Faith in any Country or State.

One must have faith in these things, because they are figments of imagination, they do not exist in the empirical universe. And when one places faith in these fantasies above a commitment to reason, evidence, rational self-interest, or universal principles like the NAP, then we inevitably have war and death to follow.

Rationalism is the only thing that got humans out of the realm of grunting animals, and its the only thing that will get us through this tumultuous time of mass enslavement by Statism.

Spread the word, share this video, write your own article, make a video, unleash your own mighty barbaric yawp into the world, and lets work together – with *words* – to ensure that another 9/11 never happens, anywhere.

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