Sunday, November 13, 2016

Russell Brand: So close to right, but still wrong.

There are things about Russell Brand that I really like. And other things that I don't. He's one of the few leftists who speaks (somewhat) honestly and with relative intelligence about big issues. He has correctly identified the problems with the world, and for that I really enjoyed his book "REVOLUTION" (also for his honesty about his own trauma and struggle with alcohol, drug and sex addiction). The problem with Russell is that after he correctly identifies the problems with the world, his brain twists into a pretzel and he offers completely counter-productive solutions (such as wealth redistribution).

Once again, he is able to identify HOW we've gotten to where we are, and to some degree why Trump was voted for (though his assumptions about the "insanity" of Trump's policies belie his ignorance of the facts). His suggestion that understanding is the key to the left regaining some political footing in the west is precisely correct. But as I mentioned in my video yesterday, the left are incapable of winning arguments in the forum of reasoned debate, because their arguments are so logically untenable. Check out my video here for more comment on that topic:

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